Light Temperature

What are the light temperatures and which one to choose for your environments

Light temperature indicates the warmth of light and its hue and is expressed in the unit Kelvin (K). A lower Kelvin number corresponds to a warmer and yellower light, while a higher Kelvin number corresponds to a colder and brighter light.

The temperature of the light is therefore called color temperature, which characterizes the various light sources, natural or artificial, and based on it you can choose the bulbs and other lighting sources most suitable for the rooms of your home.

Difference between warm, neutral and cold light

Before moving on to choosing the lights for your rooms, it is necessary to understand the difference between warm, neutral and cold light.

  •         Hot light

Warm light is that which has a temperature between 2700K and 3500K and therefore it is a low temperature. The shades of this type of light include shades of red, yellow and orange, as well as white.

  •         Neutral light

Neutral light is that which has a color temperature between 3500 and 5300 Kelvin. The color of the light in this case tends mainly towards white.

  •         Cold light

Cold light is that which has a heat temperature above 5300° Kelvin. The classic cold tone of this type of light is given by shades tending towards light blue and blue. To get a more precise idea, consider that the color of ice is associated with a temperature of 5000° Kelvin.

Ideal color temperatures for your environments

While in the past it was possible to choose the socket, shape and energy consumption of the bulbs, today with LED lighting it is possible to choose everything in terms of color temperature and create very comfortable and illuminated environments according to the most varied needs. It is in fact possible to choose cooler LED lighting or warmer lighting.

For example, if you are looking for a warm white light you must opt ​​for a color temperature around 2700k LED lamp, or for a white tending towards yellow for a color temperature around 3000k LED lamp, while for a cold white the temperature of color of a 4000k LED lamp is ideal.

The choice of light shade should be chosen above all based on the environment where the light source will be positioned, but obviously personal tastes must be taken into account. To get an idea, here are some tips for illuminating the various rooms of the house with the right light temperature .

Lounge and living room – The ideal light for the living area is a very warm white, less than 3300 degrees Kelvin light. This light temperature is ideal for creating decorative mood lighting, suitable for romantic dinners and for creating relaxing and welcoming home environments, where you can also enjoy a moment of rest. Here you watch TV, read or entertain guests and therefore warm light is the most suitable, although it should preferably be chosen with a shade that is not too intense. However, you can choose based on personal taste excellent choice are the dimmable lamps , which allow you to vary the light according to your needs during the various moments of the day.

Kitchen – The kitchen is the place intended for the preparation of food, it is dedicated to conviviality and therefore is very lived in. For correct lighting, the light temperature to choose in this case too is the warm one , ideal for relaxing and encouraging the appetite. The ideal solution is to install a central chandelier, while in the points where greater concentration is required it is advisable to use a neutral or cold light, perhaps by installing LED spotlights such as the Favilla ones, with a simple design and unique charm, perfect for illuminating any direction.

Bedroom – In the bedroom you need to create a relaxing, pleasant and comfortable environment, and therefore use warm lights between 2700 and 3300 degrees Kelvin , i.e. relaxing shades. To satisfy any need, multiple light points can be installed such as pendant chandeliers, wall lamps, bedside lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lights. You can also opt for Integrated LED lamps , which offer many advantages compared to a normal halogen or incandescent bulb, both because they have low energy consumption, but also because it is an efficient and long-lasting type of lighting.

Bath – As regards bathroom lighting, you can choose both warm and cold light, based on the type of bathroom. Generally however the the most suitable light temperature is the cold one, ideal for conveying the sensation of hygiene and impeccable cleanliness, and also in this case installing more light points allows you to have the right light for any use.

On our site you have many proposals available to illuminate your rooms with beautiful and original lamps, choosing the right color temperature.


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